Protect your investment in your exterior home. BTS Landscaping’s maintenance plans ensure the ongoing beauty of your landscape, for long-term functionality and enjoyment. We’ll act as the stewards of your landscape, to give it just what it needs to thrive throughout each season.


The most enjoyable landscapes are those you can sit back and admire—not stress over. Protect the value of the investment you’ve made in your landscape by relying on our expert maintenance services to trim, prune, and keep up the appearance of your flowers and plantings. We’ll tailor a personalized plan for keeping your landscape looking its best season after season.

Garden design and maintenance in Randolph NJ


Enjoy the changing seasons to the fullest with our landscape care services. We’ll add colorful details, appropriate to the season, to your exterior décor and enhance the curb appeal of your home with an inviting touch of seasonal decorations. The perfect atmosphere for your home, depending on the time of year, is instantly achieved.

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