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BTS Landscaping has the unique ability to develop your landscape project regardless of size or complexity. Over the past 25 years we’ve completed an extensive portfolio of work which has given us the experience and know how to handle any size project. Through our experience we’ve established a process which will streamline your project from concept through completion. Whether you're looking for a small pocket garden or developing a multi acre master plan it starts with a plan and a budget. Contact us to start planning!



We want to hear about your project! We’ll use this first get-together to learn about your hopes for changing your landscape, and we’ll let you know how that can be done. We'll listen carefully to understand your objectives, personal tastes, and preferences. Then we'll tell you all about the resources at our disposal, including a vast selection of materials to suit any taste and budget, as well as the close relationships we’ve established with the area’s best landscape architects if your project requires their expertise. You'll also learn about the landscape development process and possible approaches to your specific plan. By the end of our first meeting, you'll know what to expect, for every step of the project through its completion.



We begin our planning with a thorough analysis of your site and review of any local or state requirements that may come into play with your project. While landscaping involves some unexpected occurrences, we do our best to prepare for any challenges as early in the process as possible.

At this time, we’ll also begin collaborating with any landscape architects or engineers who may be part of the project. This is when your project starts to take shape with concept sketches drawn from your and our initial ideas. These sketches, along with material options, help us define the project direction and budget.

With the scope of work coming into focus, we'll refine the conceptual plan to a point where it's ready for installation. At this point, we'll provide you with an itemized proposal and helpful supporting documents so you can understand the project’s value as well as any possible upgrades.



Watch your ideas go from plans to reality as the transformation begins! Our in-house craftsmen put their skills to work, following your design precisely to place each paving stone in your new patio or build the foundation of your new seating wall. The materials and moves we make get you closer to the outdoor living space you’ve envisioned. We’re here at any point to answer any questions that arise.



Protect your investment in your exterior home. BTS Landscaping’s maintenance plans ensure the ongoing beauty of your landscape, for long-term functionality and enjoyment. We’ll act as the stewards of your landscape, to give it just what it needs to thrive throughout each season.